The 11th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues was held in Amsterdam during May 2019. More than 300 participants attended the event, which was held at the stunningly beautiful EYE national film museum.

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Conference Programme Amsterdam 2019.

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Sexual assault, consent and intoxification

Alex Aldridge

Stop lying, change the drug policy now

Alex Bucheli

Nightlife policy and citizen engagement | post-truth world

Alison Ritter

Chill Out Revisited 2019

Andrew Bennett

ALAMA-nightlife culture Facebook analysis

Bert Hauspie

Harm reduction at underground events

Dan Burns

Neutravel Project.

Elisa Fornero

What a quarter of a million clubbers can tell us about alcohol

Emma Davies

Harm reduction in crytomarkets

Fernando Caudevilla

Party panel | Behaviour change

Gjalt-Jorn Peters

Working with peer and professional detachment

Illia Sarkissiane

Innovations in nighttime economy safety

Jo Cox-Brown

Amsterdam policy framework dance events

Julie Croiset van Uchelen

Extended Nightlife Hours

Larissa Maier

One foot in the rave

Lisa Williams

STAD in Europe

Lotte Voorham

STOP-SV Preventing sexual violence

Maite Kefauver

STAD in Europe

Matej Koši

Drug checking in Zurich

Matthias Humm

SAOR Screening and Brief Intervention

Nicola Corrigan

Fabric case presentation

Philip Kolvin

Planning, designing and managing the night

Randy Bloeme​

Substance Use Patterns of Ecstasy Users

Ruben van Beek

Fentanyl|drug checking opportunities in US

Stefanie Jones

High Amsterdam | 25 years drug monitoring

Ton Nabben
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